Almond Creamery was started in Adri’s kitchen in 2015, while she was studying nutrition and working with clients.
With a passion for creating healthy and delicious recipes, Adri formulated a nut milk to prove that health and taste do not have to be mutually exclusive.
Lots of time was spent listening to customer needs at the local farmer’s market to ensure the best possible nut milk was created.

Although health is the passion that started Almond Creamery, our number one mission is protecting and supporting our ecosystem. We do this with a product that is environmentally friendly – by reducing carbon emissions and waste and using less of our precious resources to bring you a delicious alternative to dairy milk. By sourcing and producing everything locally, we consider the impact on our planet in everything we do and we support our local community too.

“Almond Creamery is dedicated to producing healthy, eco-friendly and delicious milk alternatives!”

We want to support healthy lifestyles by making it easier to move away from unhealthy, unsustainable choices. We do this by offering a milk alternative that is not only healthy and environmetally conscious but also tastes delicious.


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