KFM LeadSA Young Entrepreneur

Almond Creamery entered the KFM LeadSA Young Entrepreneur competition:

My business is called The Almond Creamery. We make a fresh, dairy-free milk alternative using local ingredients. Our milk alternative is made with a blend of nuts including coconut, macadamia and almonds. We are a small team of passionate young women who want to provide healthy and delicious alternatives to the 80% of our population that is dairy intolerant.

I started 2 years ago, selling my nut milk at a local farmer’s market in Cape Town. We are now stocked in over 20 stores in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Coffee shops like Seattle Coffee Company and Knead Bakery have picked up on our milk too and are using it as their preferred milk alternative.

We are the only fresh milk alternative available, and our milk contains 5 times more nuts than other nut milk brands, and contains no preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

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