Meeting Local Women Foodie Entrepreneurs

We are so lucky to live in Cape Town where a new health food product comes out almost weekly. For us, food that tastes good is very important and when it’s healthy we get so excited and want to tell the whole world and shout it from the rooftops!

August is Women’s Month and to celebrate all the powerful and inspiring Women in South Africa we decided to reach out to a few local woman-owned businesses whose products align with our values and are also super-delicious. We love these products because they make it so easy to incorporate health into your current lifestyle and adds plenty of additional yum too.


Superlatte Bar

Need something other than your morning coffee to get you out of bed? Then you must try Michelle’s Superlattes. They are a delicious alternative to coffee and in our opinion should be a staple in your daily morning routine. From spicy Turmeric and warming (very more-ish) Beetroot & Cacao to a cool anti-oxidant boosting Matcha, there’s one for all taste buds. Not only are they full of Superfoods, they are truly yummy and go so well with dairy-free nut milk. Heat and froth Almond Creamery nut milk, add Superlatte powder as per instructions and enjoy.

You can find these delicious Superfood Lattes at the OZCF Market or selected outlets. For more information, check out their website:


Simply Granola

This indulgent breakfast ‘cereal’ is made in Stellenbosch by Nicola who believes no morning should go by without a seriously rockin’ granola. We tend to agree after tasting her range of consciously-made granola.

Almond Creamery and Simply Granola are both free of refined sugars, contains no preservatives, are suitable for a vegan lifestyle, and are a match made in foodie heaven. Our favourite combination is the Oh My Cocoa Granola containing chia seeds, buckwheat, oats, honey and raw cacao, and Almond Creamery’s Classic Nut Milk. Also, try the Peanut Butter Lover for a truly indulgent morning treat!

You can find these delicious granola cereals at selected outlets or order both delivered straight to your door with Doorbell Deli! For more information, check out their website:


Mother City Meringues

The talented Anmar from Crumb Cakes specialises in vegan meringues, macarons and marshmallows. A well-made meringue is not easy to find, never mind a well-made vegan meringue. These are truly yummy, and perfect for those who need to satisfy a sweet tooth and are also avoiding eggs.

You can find these delicious treats in and around Cape Town’s local markets – our favourite is the Vegan Goods Market on Saturdays in Plumstead.

She has many colourful flavour-combinations to choose from including Very Cherry, Chai Spice & Mandarin, Lemon & Lime, and Mint Choc Chip. Who can say no to that?? Well, you can easily order directly from her Instagram page, so no need to wait 🙂


Fria’s Superfoods

Fria’s is a local health delicatessen in Cape Town, Zonnebloem. Fria created her healthy sprouted protein treats in 2013 when she realized it was up to her to find healthier alternatives to all her favourite snacks without taking all of the fun out of eating.

She enjoys connecting with other women in her kitchen to have fun and enjoy making delicious treats and chit chat about life and food. You can read all about her local kitchen meetups here:

If you enjoyed learning about our local women foodie entrepreneurs, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!