TEDxCapeTown Testimonial

“As TEDxCapeTown we have set ourselves a Food Ethos to guide the food & beverage components of the event. Underpinning this ethos is for our offerings to only be plant-based. In doing so we have found the greatest challenge being the acceptance and enjoyment from our attendees to taste. In particular, providing an alternative to cows milk for tea and coffee is a very sensitive choice, one which we really struggled with. Fortunately, The Almond Creamery’s high-quality almond milk not only met our attendee’s sensitive tastes but also exceeded them. With the help of Almond Creamery, we are able to follow our ethos with far less resistance, and I would go as far as saying, flipping that resistance into a demand pulls for our plant-based offerings.” – Justin Beswick, Co-founder & Curator | TEDxCapeTown