Women’s Month – honoring the boss-ladies

August was Women’s Month, a global celebration which aims to inspire women in countries across the world.

In Cape Town alone, we have a wealth of powerful and inspiring women, and we are so lucky that many of them exist right within the health-food industry. These dynamic women’s businesses align very much with ours; investing in healthy lifestyle, sustainable living, locally made produce, and fresh, yummy products!
During the month of August we cast a spotlight on a few of these inspiring, courageous boss-ladies, who are recognizing what the world is searching for, and are pushing us toward a more equal future.

Lara Mare- RUSH Nutrition.

A range of whole food solutions that are created to deliver delicious and pure fuel for active and growing bodies. RUSH would like to be responsible for influencing people to alter their nutritional intake to raw, natural ingredients that are a healthier alternative to snacks and other artificial energy products.


Robyn Smith- Faithful-To-Nature.co.za.

Having embarked upon her journey 11 years ago, Robyn and her team are deeply passionate about ethics and rights.
Their online store sells only the best in organic and natural products, all of which are hand picked and checked to ensure you get the greenest and safest produce available.


Mandy Myerson- AWAKE Superfoods

After experiencing first-hand the impact of what she put into her body, and how it affected her clarity, energy, thoughts and emotions, Mandy went on a passionate journey, leading to her own humanwaking, and in turn inspiring the creation of AWAKE Superfood snacks. These snacks have been lovingly hand crafted and abundantly filled with 12 raw, vegan and super-food ingredients.


Taleszia and Candice- Happy Earth People

A phenomenal duo whose brand is dedicated to ‘authentic products that embody change from the ground up’…with a healthy dose of deliciousness! Their gluten-free pasta is created from the humble legume and they are committed to bringing to market their healthy, whole-food products to promote overall health and wellness.


Adri Kiracofe- Almond Creamery

Adri’s dream of a nutritious, delicious and fresh milk alternative was born in her little kitchen in Cape Town. Today, the Almond Creamery is an ever-growing business, that brings to market a range of healthy nutmilks. With locally sourced ingredients and produced to ensure the very best freshness and taste,  Almond Creamery protects the environment while supporting sustainable community development.                                            www.almondcreamery.co.za


For all the women reading this, we hope you had a successful, inspiring, and blessed Women’s Month, and a note to all the men who support their powerful women – you guys are amazing, and thank you!